Coffee Addict

Billions of cups of coffee are consumed daily in the world. Tons of used coffee beans are thrown away. We're changing it! Enjoy your coffee and wear the coffee grounds on your feet. We use it to make KAVE sneakers soles.

Coffee way

We are working with local Zlin coffee store “Mr. Coffee” that processed the best coffee from all around the world. For COFFEE ADDICT collection we use beans from El Salvador - coffee SHG Finca Santa Matilde 100% arabica. In this small state there is about 20,000 coffee farmers. These farms have played a very important role in the fight against deforestation and the loss of natural habitat for wild animals. Santa Matilde Farm is located on the Guatemala border in the beautiful countryside, which was included in to the UNESCO list in 2007. It is an extensive area consisting of several dozen volcanoes. Volcanoes provide soils with much needed nutrients and minerals.

After enjoying a coffee in the caffee store, we pick up the used coffee grounds, which we dry and mix with the rubber. The used coffee beans replaces some of the synthetic fillers in the mixture. The coffee mixture is then pressed on the shoes completely without the use of glue. All this locally, without a moral hangover.


LOW TOP 68/1/1

V jednom páru tenisek je jeden šot espressa

2290 Kč

HIGH TOP 68/1/1

Vyrobeno lokálně - bez morální kocoviny

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