Fiftyfive / 55

The fiftyfive collection is made of Czech materials on original machines using the original tools from 1955. Each shoe is unique colour piece. The colour combination of the outsole is determined by the colour of the materials remaining from the previous production and that is why the amount of produced pairs is limited, we prepare a maximum of 100 pairs from each model. Sneakers are made without glue, have an anatomically shaped inner insole and are vegan-certified with PETA.

HighTop 55/17/2

Each shoe is original

2 150 Kč

HighTop 55/17/1

Made locally without moral hangover

2 150 Kč

LowTop 55/17/1

Made of waste materials

2 150 Kč

Zipper 55/17/1

Vegan, with no glue used

2 150 Kč