Replacing and returning sneakers


After you receive your sneakers, you have 14 days to try your them at home. If it doesn't fit you, you can easily change them or return them. What to do to make this process as fast as possible without unnecessary complications?


There is a return form in each shoe box. Please fill it and enclose to the package.


2. REPLACING sneakers

Please pack the sneakers well to avoid damage during transportation. The original box must be used. Do not stick the original box with adhesive tape. Wrap it in foil or wrapping paper. Please send the package to the address below. Postage is paid by you.


Eva Klabalová, Žopy 80, Holešov 769 01 / ČR


In case of exchanging sneakers for different size or model you will be charge postage price given for your country (check "Shipping and payment")

Please transfer this amount to :  CZ5903000000000288850476


3. RETURN OF sneakers

In case of returning the snekers, after we receive them we check if everything is ok and will return the money to the account you specify on the form which is added to the box. Refunds relate to the cost of sneakers. Not postage and may take a maximum of 30 days from cereiving the shoes. Usually it is a few working days.