All Christmas orders are already packed and heading your way. We thank you for your amazing support in these difficult times. We really appreciate it. 🙂

You can see what we have achieved this year on our Instagram, Facebook, and of course in the e-shop! However, we had a lot of other plans but unfortunately, we did not manage to complete all of them on time. So we are moving them to the new year. But you are certainly interested in what we are preparing, aren’t you? Let’s take a look!

For example, a beautiful project of sneakers with soles made of crushed corks from luxury wine. The corks were sent to us by the winemakers themselves. The proceeds from the sneakers will again go to a good cause. And that is to support the creation of the animated series “PLEŠOUNI”, which will help small oncology patients during their treatment. The author of the series is the great Eliška Podzimková. Big thanks goes to the winemaker Tomáš Trejbal, who is at the beginning of the whole project. And this is what the sneakers will look like! 🔽

Furthermore, we did not manage to produce two models of sneakers in a black-pink variant. We couldn’t wait to show them to you! Also, sneakers with a red-blue-yellow sole are waiting for their “baking” after the new year. These KAVE will have a completely new cut. So there is definitely something to look forward to. 😊