We make Kave sneakers from several recycled materials, in several design variants. Accordingly, we divide them into basic collections that you can find in our e-shop.


We work with a number of artists and companies. You can buy some models of sneakers from us, but we make others directly to order for companies, clubs or organizations.

Do you love Kofola? We do! That’s why we teamed up with this amazing Love brand.

The sneakers have sand from the planet B612, the planet of the Little Prince, in their soles

Sneakers as a piece of art that helps other people.

Espresso in every shoe or sneakers made of coffee grounds.

For MMA fans with added value of KAVE footwear philosophy

Special sneakers in the company corporate colours

Do you want shoes according to your company design?

Are you interested in sneakers for your employees, customers or for a sports club? Sneakers in company design can be a great gift for your clients and partners.

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