We make Kave sneakers without the use of glue, they are vegan and have a PETA certificate. For the production we use worn shoes, which we can recycle, or residual pieces of rubber, which are mixed into each other in a special way. This creates a unique marble effect and not just every pair, but each sneaker becomes a unique product and you can be absolutely sure that no one has the same shoes as you.

The soles of our sneakers are made using two techniques

The first method is the compression of multicoloured pieces. The result is a unique marbled effect. Thanks to this production technology, each sneaker produced is completely original.

The second method is the production of new soles from the old crushed ones. In this case, the colour of the new soles is unified.

Give your worn shoes a new meaning

Participate with us in the responsible production of sneakers. Do you already have worn KAVE sneakers and don’t just want to throw them away? Send them back to us and we will use them to make new sneakers. For sending sneakers back to us for recycling, you will not only get a great feeling, but also a 15% discount for a new pair. 

1) Download the form

Click this link to download a simple form. Please fill it in and attach it to the sneakers.

2) Pack the shoes and send

Mark the package with a visible inscription: KAVE RECYCLING and send it to our address. We recommend using the Mezi Námi service from Zásilkovna. To send, download the Mail Order application, it will only take you a few minutes to submit your shipment.

3) Enjoy a good feeling and a discount

You help us change the manufacturing industry and protect the environment. Thank you! After receiving your package, we will send you a coupon with a 15% discount. 

4) Inspire others

We really appreciate all your photos. By sharing, you inspire others #kaverecycling

Shipping via  Zásilkovna

No. 1824
Intea, ul. Samostatnost 1348
769 01 Holešov
Eva Klabalová,
E-mail: info@kavefootwear.com

Sending via Czech Post

Irena Klabalová
Pingu s. r. o.
Palackého 726
769 01 Holešov