At the beginning of May, we learned that the Zlín workshop, where we had been creating sneakers together for eight years, was definitively ending. The last workshop in the Czech Republic that made sneakers by vulcanization. That is, completely without glue. It was a blow, but I would not allow to abandon my dream and the brand that many of you already love so much.

18 people worked in the workshop, who were given notice. I am incredibly sorry, because everyone did their work with love.

Therefore, I started looking for a place where new sneakers will be created with the same love and care as it was in Zlín. I joined forces with a workshop in the Slovak town Partizánske. We managed to find a common path and are starting to work on the first sneaker designs. A “Czech-Slovak” cooperation will emerge, which would follow up on traditional shoe production. However, I would not want to move production to more distant places. This is to ke

In the Zlín workshop, sneakers were sewn and pressed. Recycled materials on the sole (such as coffee grounds, wine corks, or worn out KAVE sneakers), we will process in Otrokovice.

This is what part of the sole production looks like. A shape is then cut out of the material, which already travels to the upper of the sneaker, where it is attached by vulcanization.

We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. ❤ And we are happy that we can continue. I hope that you are also looking forward to new challenges and especially new sneaker models! 😊

Yours, Eva