An incredible amount of coffee is drunk in the world every day and tons of used coffee beans are thrown away. We’re changing this! Enjoy your coffee and wear the coffee grounds from it. We use it for the production of soles for KAVE sneakers.

The Coffee Addict vol. 2 collection was created in collaboration with the local Coffeespot coffee roaster, which shares the same philosophy as us. “We have been united by a love of craftsmanship, coffee and our passion for creating unique products,” say the founders of the Kave Footwear and Coffee Spot brands.

After you enjoy your coffee with them, we pick up the coffee grounds, which we dry completely and mix with the rubber. Sediment in the mixture replaces part of the synthetic fillers. The coffee mixture is then pressed onto the shoes without the use of glue. All locally, without a moral hangover.

And the best part is that in each pair of sneakers there is one “shot” of espresso. (In 2019, our partner was the Zlín roastery Mr.Coffee.)