Eliška Podzimková is an infinitely creative multimedia artist, whose unique wit, strong sense of design and immense technical skills have contributed to her international reputation as a pioneering animator, illustrator and digital artist.

Her unusual technique of combining live action photography and video with humorous but emotionally teasing hand-drawn animation is universally appealing across genres and borders. Whether she applies her art to award-winning short films, music videos, photography projects or marketing campaigns for clients such as Jamie Oliver, Vogue Magazine, New York Film Academy and many more.

Let’s give a helping hand to children who need it

Eliška and I created two models. The first of them was created to support children with cancer, where 10% of the sale will contribute to the creation of the new series PLEŠOUNI. Only 100 pairs were produced.

CANCER. A scary word, huh? Especially if you hear it as a diagnosis from a doctor… Even worse when you’re a child. So many questions inside their heads, so many thoughts, so much fear of the unknown!

Eliška underwent oncological treatment at the age of 16. She decided to help other children and their parents by creating the animated series PLEŠOUNI. It’s about little friends who are going through treatment too. Together, they help answer a variety of questions about treatment and cancer. For example, “Why is my hair falling out?”, “What is chemotherapy?”

Bald characters Plesouni give courage to small patients to fight the disease and show the rest of us that courage and a positive attitude also pay off in the fight against cancer.

The second model is inspired by the Little Prince we love

We joined forces with Eliška Podzimková so that we could forget about the world of adults for a while and return to childhood, at least through sneakers, with an iconic drawing of a boa constrictor. This picture was drawn by Eliška Podzimková when she was a child 🙂

The sneakers have sand from the planet B612, the planet of the Little Prince, in their soles. Again, only 100 pairs were produced.

You can buy these shoes here
Helping hand
The Little prince