Two special models have been created for Oktagon fans. Each in a limited edition of 100 pairs. Not only are they made of recycled materials, but at the same time, thanks to the production process, each sneaker is an original piece of art.


The largest Czech-Slovak organisation that organises martial arts tournaments in our country. The founders and at the same time its owners are Pavol Neruda and Ondřej Novotný.

OKTAGON annually organises several tournaments in the largest Czech and Slovak arenas and cities. In addition, it is preparing for all sports fans a unique reality show with professional fighters called OKTAGON CHALLENGE. They are also preparing the weekly OKTAGON JOURNAL, which maps the martial arts scene. The popular PROJECT X, which followed the path of an ordinary person to the cage, PROJECT Y – a purely female MMA reality show and, last but not least, a talk show about fighters and people from the OKTAGON Majk scene.

Sneakers are made in accordance with our philosophy, they are made of leftover materials. We are pleased that the boys from mma feel inspired by them and the sneakers get to the fans.

Each piece is absolutely original. It also has the character of the collector’s piece.